Experience the Inspiring Journey of Sadé, the Founder

Sadé Noel, the visionary founder of our herbal wellness company, is a remarkable individual with a diverse background as a full-spectrum doula, herbalist, mother, and military spouse. Drawing inspiration from her upbringing in the vibrant landscapes of the Caribbean, specifically Trinidad, Sadé's profound connection with herbs as medicine fueled her passion to establish this business. Her journey as a doula, coupled with a desire to offer holistic care to her clients, became the catalyst for creating a platform that prioritizes women's well-being. With a Master's degree in Child and Adolescent Psychology and a herbalism certification, Sadé brings a unique blend of expertise to her work. Fluent in American Sign Language, she ensures inclusive communication and support. Beyond her professional pursuits, Sadé is a devoted plant mom and dog mom, finding joy in the simple pleasures of long beach walks, a good book, and sipping on herbal teas. Her genuine love for holistic living permeates every aspect of our company, reflecting in the care and authenticity that defines our mission.

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